My blogging experience.

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Now that the class is ending, I have to recap my experience as a blogger. This was my first ever blogging experience and it was quite different for me. Using WordPress was easier than I thought. That is only because Professor Dale included really helpful videos in order to maneuver around the website. All in all, I really enjoyed blogging about America’s team! I have learned so much more about them.

The tools that were most helpful when promoting my blog were the tags and the URLs. The tags took me to other pages with the same tags and including URLs made me search through websites to find which one was the most useful to readers. To improve my blog, I would probably promote it more on social media. I don’t really use Twitter. I would probably promote on Facebook to appeal to the older people.

This experience could benefit me in the long run, because  it is always good to have something of your own to promote. When applying for a job, I could tell the interviewers that I do have my own blog that allows me to share my opinions and so. I would like to work with the Cowboys one day, so this would be really helpful to show that I keep up with the team. Also, bloggers tend to make money.

The week of April 9 was my most popular week. I received 35 visitors. My most popular post was “The Push for a Quarterback” with 40 views. I think it was the most popular because of the fact that it was discussing the quarterback position for the Cowboys, which is super important. The fact that I actually had viewers was surprising to me, to be honest.

I am really excited that I was able to experience the whole blogging concept!

How ’bout them Cowboys!!!


Happy fans after 2017 draft

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The 2017 NFL Draft is officially over and Cowboys’ fans could not be anymore happier with the 2017 Dallas Cowboys Draft Class. From the No.28 pick in the first round, to picking up a gang of people in the seventh, the Cowboys’ future is beginning to look very bright. Lucky for us, tight-end Jason Witten and all of the wide receivers resigned their contracts. With that being said, this draft was all about defense.

Dallas had one of the top offenses this season. The offense included the “Great Wall of Dallas”, quaterback Dak Prescott, and runningback Ezekiel Elliott. Our defense was horrible, and that obviously did not sit right with owner Jerry Jones and the rest of the organization. With the No. 28 pick, the Cowboys selected Michigan defensive end, Taco Charlton. He will be a great help defensively.

But the defensive pickups did not stop there. Colorado cornerback Chidobe Awuzie, Michigan cornerback Jourdan Lewis and Louisiana Tech safety Xavier Woods were all included in the 2017 draft class. Fans everywhere were super excited about the draft class, and are ready to see what the Cowboys have in store for us this year. Let the  road to six begin!!!


Mr.Reliable: Jason Witten

Photo credit: Tom Pennington

Drafted in 2003 during the third round, Jason Witten became one of the all time greatest Cowboys to ever step foot in AT&T Stadium. Witten has played for the Cowboys his entire career that has expanded over 15 seasons. The 69th pick of the draft was born in Elizabethton, Tennessee. He attended college at the University of Tennessee where he received a football scholarship. Between him and his wife, Michelle, they have four kids.

Since draft day, Witten has played a major role in the organization. In his rookie season, Witten caught 35 passes and helped lead the Boys to the playoffs. As time went on, Witten emerged as one of the top tight ends in the NFL. Over his career, Witten has 1089 receptions, 11,888 receiving yards, and 63 touchdowns.

Outside of the field, Witten loves giving back to the community. Each year he hosts the Annual Jason Witten Football Camp which is held in his home town and free. Witten also started his very own foundation, Jason Witten’s SCORE Foundation. The foundation works against domestic violence and promotes education and youth health in Texas and Tennessee. Witten’s foundation also started the Jason Witten SCOREkeepers program, which places positive male mentors on staff at six different family abuse shelters across Texas.

Witten’s work on and off the field has helped him receive honorary awards like the Walter Payton Man of the Year award in 2007 and 2012. Witten has also received the Bart Starr Award, the Home Depot Neighborhood MVP in 2008 and the Pro Football Weekly Humanitarian of the Year award in 2010. With all of that being said, Witten is on the right track to being named to the Dallas Hall of Fame and the NFL Hall of Fame.

Draft day coming soon…

Picture taken by Marques Stewart

What is draft day? It is the day that all football fans have patiently on since the season ended. The day gives fans new hope that a new person just might change the team. It is the day when one phone call can change a young boy’s entire life. It is the day when people can finally say “I made it.” The 2017 NFL Draft is set for April 27 – 29 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The team with the worst record will get the first pick of the draft and so forth. It is not all that bad to have a rough season. This year, the Cowboys will receive the 28th pick in the first round. Out of 32 teams, being number 28 means we had a pretty great season. From there, the Cowboys will get six more picks throughout the rest of the draft.

The first round sets the speed for the rest of the picks. The NFL has mock drafts that allow organizations to let each other know their ideal picks. Because this is the entertainment business, the organizations can work together to trade and pay for new spots in the draft to get the players they want. For Dallas, their predicted first pick will be a defensive end from Missouri, Charles Harris.  He isn’t the best defensive end in the draft, but with the 28th pick, you have to go with what you got.

You can’t really go off of who is drafted in the first or fourth round. Players tend to surprise everyone. Besides, Dak Prescott, Dallas starting quarterback, was picked in the fourth round last draft. Vince Young, 2006 third overall pick from the University of Texas, does not even play anymore. I guess it is all based on the player.


The push for a quarterback

By Opertinicy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Every team has to have a quarterback. He plays a major role on the team. He is the play-caller, the leader, and most importantly, the one who throws the ball. The Cowboys have struggled in the past few years with finding a HEALTHY quarterback. We finally found one, and had to let the old one go. Now the real question is, do you look for one in the upcoming draft?

The Dallas Cowboys have officially released Tony Romo from the Cowboy organization as of last week. It was great run for him, and I, as  a fan, am really appreciative of all of his hard work he has put into this organization. He is the franchise leader in touchdown passes and passing yards. He has the third most wins in franchise history. He does not have any Superbowl rings, but there is great possibility that he will be inducted into the Dallas Cowboy Ring of Honor. That is sort of like the Hall of Fame for Cowboys only.

When one player leaves, there is always somebody to replace him. Romo’s replacement just so happens to be Kellen Moore, a underated quarterback from Boise State. Moore is in his sixth season of professional football. In 2012, he went undrafted and signed with the Detroit Lions. He played their until he was traded to the Cowboys in 2014. Hopefully, this replacement holds up well for the Cowboys during camp and preseason.

The Cowboy and the Bengal


James and Ron
James and Ron Francis

Because this is a football blog, it would only be right to discuss two of my favorite (retired) players in the league. Those are Ron Francis and James Francis, my uncles. Both graduated from La Marque High School, and went on to play at Baylor University. From their, one was drafted to the Dallas Cowboys and the other to the Cincinnati Bengals.


R. Francis was born on April 7, 1964. After graduating from La Marque High School, he transferred to Baylor University. In his first two years in college, he played in the running back position, but was moved to a starter tailback in 1984. With that, he became the team’s top rusher. He is a two-time All-Southwest Conference honoree and received an All American Honorable Mention award as well. In 1987, he was drafted in the second round o the NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys. That same year, he was the first rookie in six years to open as a starter for the team.

J. Francis was born August 4, 1968. His time at Baylor was greatly appreciated so much, that he was inducted into the Baylor Athletic Hall of Fame in 2001. He not only played football, but basketball as well. He was drafted as the overall 12th pick of the 1990 NFL draft to the Cincinnati Bengals. In his career, he had 33 1/2 sacks, 11 interceptions and three touchdowns in his 10-season career.

Overall, both men had extraordinary careers as football players in the collegiate league and on a professional level. Although it is bias, these two will forever be my favorite retired football players, until Dez Bryant retires.


God bless the women who love the Cowboys


Adios, Cowboys Screenshot
Screenshot of “Adios, So Long Dallas Cowboys” blog post

For my blog review, I chose to review someone’s blog who loves the Cowboys just as much as I do. With that being said, I found Ms. Lisa, who happens to be from Texas as well. Her blog “Life of an El Paso Woman,” talks about her life in El Paso, from history to women’s issues.


My favorite post was posted on January 18, 2017. This was three days after the Cowboys’ season ended thanks to the Greenbay Packers. In “Adios, So Long Dallas Cowboys,” she talks about how she was disappointed and how our future looks super bright. Because she has so many followers, she was able to generate feedback from them. This brought me to other Cowboy bloggers who I can relate to.

Although she blogs about other topics besides football, it was refreshing to see another woman who loves football just as much as I do. I read a few more of her blogs, and they were very interesting. She is insightful and stands her ground about her opinions.

Another one bites the dust …


By AJ Guel (originally posted to Flickr as Over the Top)[CC BY 2.0(, via Wikimedia Commons
As rumors continue to circulate, fans are still unsure about the status of Tony Romo, second-string quarterback, and his placement in the Cowboy’s organization. Now that Dak Prescott, first-string quarterback, in in the picture, nobody is really upset about whether the Cowboys will let Romo go or not.

Romo came to Dallas as a rookie free agent in 2003, and continued to climb his way to the top. In 2006, he replaced the starting quarterback and continued as a starter until injury. Romo has been on the injured list more than 10 times, but somehow managed to get his starting position back after being released.

This past season, all this changed when Romo took a hit the second game of the season and Prescott stepped up as a starter. In his midseason return from a back injury, he was listed as a second string quarterback. To make matters worse, he had to read a speech saying he was happy with his new position and that he is doing what is best for the team. Basically, the public relations team had to respond to the Romo rumors.

Considering Romo had the same number of touchdowns this year as Dez Bryant, Cowboys wide receiver, the best thing for him would be to start a new career. There is always coaching, broadcasting or living off the millions handed to him by Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, president and general manager. Through the injuries, interceptions and incomplete passes, the Cowboys would be better off with a fresh start.


And the award goes to …




By Opertinicy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Now that football season is officially over, the NFL hosted the annual NFL Honors. Here, they honor coaches, players, and organization members for their hardwork and dedication during the season, on and off the field. Of course the Cowboys received awards for their performance this season. Between the Great Wall of Dallas and the 214 rookie combo, the Cowboys’2016-2017 season was one to remember.

  • Rookie Dak Prescott, starting quarterback, received the Offensive Rookie of the Year. His performance this year was remarkable. He led the team to a season of 13-3. Tony Romo, veteran quarterback, getting hurt was one of the best things that could have happened for the team. That was said in the most respectable and nicest way I could have put that.
  • Rookie Ezekiel Elliott, starting running back, was named FedEx Ground Player of the Year. This man literally broke records before the second half of the season even started. There was no one more deserving of this award than him.
  • No great offense is complete without a line to block. The Great Wall of Dallas, the five starting linemen, was named Offensive Line of the Year. But, lets be honest, the line would not be the same had they not have Prescott and Elliott behind them. This is the same line from last year.
  • Jason Garrett, head coach, was named coach of the year. I guess this is what happens when your rookies have to step up and your coaching staff finally coaches. His record went from 4-12 last year to 13-3 this year.
  • Lastly, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys’ owner, president, and general manager, will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. As the owner of the Cowboys, Jones has turned the organization into a billion dollar business, and has continually beat out all the other professional teams as the highest grossing organization. Thanks to him, we have the best athletic facility in America.

First Down.


First off, welcome to my blog! My name is Melea and I am a junior at Texas State University. I am a Mass Communications and Public Relations major from Missouri City, Texas. I love hanging out with friends and family, shopping, and above all things else, I love football. When I grow up, I would like to work in the public relations department for America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

My blog will be dedicated to the wonderful world of football. More specifically, most of my blogs will probably be biased because I am a huge Cowboys fan, Blue and silver runs deep in my veins. Here, I will talk about issues regarding the game, players, and also breaking down the technical terms.

My plan is to not only voice my opinions about certain topics, but to help women understand football a little better. It’s my way of showing men that we understand the game, as well as they do. We cannot be left in the dark any longer. When football season rolls back around, we will be able to sit in front of the television instead of fetching nachos.