My blogging experience.

Photo credits – Melea Polk

Now that the class is ending, I have to recap my experience as a blogger. This was my first ever blogging experience and it was quite different for me. Using WordPress was easier than I thought. That is only because Professor Dale included really helpful videos in order to maneuver around the website. All in all, I really enjoyed blogging about America’s team! I have learned so much more about them.

The tools that were most helpful when promoting my blog were the tags and the URLs. The tags took me to other pages with the same tags and including URLs made me search through websites to find which one was the most useful to readers. To improve my blog, I would probably promote it more on social media. I don’t really use Twitter. I would probably promote on Facebook to appeal to the older people.

This experience could benefit me in the long run, because  it is always good to have something of your own to promote. When applying for a job, I could tell the interviewers that I do have my own blog that allows me to share my opinions and so. I would like to work with the Cowboys one day, so this would be really helpful to show that I keep up with the team. Also, bloggers tend to make money.

The week of April 9 was my most popular week. I received 35 visitors. My most popular post was “The Push for a Quarterback” with 40 views. I think it was the most popular because of the fact that it was discussing the quarterback position for the Cowboys, which is super important. The fact that I actually had viewers was surprising to me, to be honest.

I am really excited that I was able to experience the whole blogging concept!

How ’bout them Cowboys!!!


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